What is PackLoot? offers a brand new way to recieve your gaming gear by opening packs! On Packloot, you can purchase packs that contains variety of different items. From each pack, you will recieve 1 item, and they will get shipped to your address.

How does it work?

How long will it take me to recieve the key?

Keys are delivered instantly to the email you have used upon purchasing a pack.

You can also recieve the key by going to the Track Order page, and entering your PayPal transaction ID.

How long will it take me to recieve the item?

Delivery usually takes between 10-45 days.

Why does shipping take so long?

Our suppliers are mostly located in China, however when we can, we will ship the product from the nearest fullfillment facility near you.


To track your order, simply go to the "Track Order" page, enter your details, and hit "Track Order".

What are the odds?

Our website has no "ranking" on the packs, and we use the rand() function PHP provides us, to select a product per pack. With, you have an equal chance of getting every item in a pack.


After a certain limit, we must ask our users to provide us with a Valid Photo ID. (This is to prevent fraud and chargebacks)

I can't see the live chat

To reach the livechat, please disable ad blockers, or any extra software you might have that would block Javascript Widgets.

Contact Email

If you still have issues, please contact us on [email protected]